I have a very strange issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have various installations of Eclipse on my development machine at work. The one I primarily use is Weblogic WorkSpace Studio 10.2. This installation, along with a few Pulse installations I have set up works fine when I'm logged into my computer physically.

However, when I try to log into the computer using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection utility I get an error stating: "Could not create Java virtual machine." and then I get the lovely Eclipse error box which I personally can gather almost nothing from.

Even if you don't have the solution, any help would be greatly appreciated.



What ended up working for me was the memory settings for the JVM. Apparently the remote desktop connection, or some other setting in Windows, blocks off a fairly large amount of space. By reducing the heap size allocation for the JVM during Eclipse and server start-up I was able to get this working. As a side note, I had PLENTY of space that windows could have used, so I don't think blankly adding more memory would necessarily solve the issue. If you find another solution, please let me know.


Perhaps it is permission related. take a look at similar issue that symantec has:


Try to see if you have same patches installed that causes the security issue. Also refer to application log to see if there is a more specific error. Good luck :)


I have tried Windows Remote Desktop-ing into my dev machine at work (which had only one version of eclipse installed on it). I had no troubles.

Is it possible that your problems stem from multiple versions of eclipse running at the same time?

Also, have you tried a fresh install of eclipse on your dev machine?

If the above two suggestions don't work, then the only thing that I can think of is what Mohammad said: you might need to check your permissions.

I would check the system log if I were you: Start > run > eventvwr


The first thing to look at is the .log file which is in your eclipse's metadata folder (found in your workspace at $WORKSPACE_ROOT/.metadata/.log). If you post the stack trace that it generates upon initialization, we can give a definitive answer.

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