i am going to select some certain ids from db. my logic is this: depending on hour, i am selecting some certain items like this, because the job is running in cronjob, and it runs every *:31 minutes, so every hour, this is my logic:

pseudo code:

get hour // 08:30
take 08 and mult(08,10); // 80 
get items from db whose ids lie between 80 < id < 90

how can i do this query in mysql? this 80 < id < 90 condition i need in mysql in php

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  • try this way by using AND in the where 80 < id AND id<90 – sandip Jan 2 '13 at 9:06
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You can use the keyword between

select * from tableName where id between 80 AND 90

Translating your pseudo code into SQL with exact the same behavior as described

80 < id < 90

leads to

FROM table 
WHERE id BETWEEN 80+1 AND 90-1

Because WHERE include the bounds

or straight

FROM table 
WHERE 80 < id AND id < 90

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