I am using GSON to serialize my object. But some reason, it is not escaping certain unicode chars.

    Gson gson =  new Gson();
    System.out.println(Character.codePointAt("™", 0) );
    System.out.println(Character.codePointAt("™", 1) );





Is there a setting to ensure that the chars get escaped?

  • Care to tell why you want to escape them at all? – fge Jan 2 '13 at 20:38

There is no reason to escape unicode characters as they're allowed in JSON strings.

From json.org :

enter image description here

If you have problems sending your JSON to the browser, check your HTTP headers are set to UTF-8.

If you really want to escape unicode characters as in Java, you might use apache commons's StringEscapeUtils#escapeJava but you probably shouldn't.

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