I have file which contains thousands and every line has such text part as example:

,Home > Opto-electronics > LED > Standard LED, Multicolour,2226,

So they start with ,Home > and end with ,combinationofnumber,

I need to replace in this position betweem (in this case Opto-electronics > LED > Standard LED, Multicolour) commas with nothing that is would look like:

,Home > Opto-electronics > LED > Standard LED Multicolour,2226,

how should look my replacing regex?

  • What is the output rquired for above input? Is it Home > Opto-electronics > LED > Standard LED Multicolour,2226? – Naveed S Jan 3 '13 at 15:01
  • Yes it is the output – Tautvydas Jan 3 '13 at 15:08

In Java, you can use

text.replaceAll("(,)(.*)(,)", "$2")

which returns the replaced string. text is the input

This removes commas at beginning and end.


To match it exactly you can use


or more solid




for replacing you could try it this way (in php for example)

var $result = preg_replace( '/^.*,([^,]*,\d*),.*$/', '\1', $inputline );

or in Java

inputline.replace( '/^.*,([^,]*,\d*),.*$/', '$1' );

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