i have start.sh bash script that is running though CRON JOB on ubuntu server

start.sh contains bellow mentioned lines of code

path of start.sh is /home/ubuntu/folder1/folder2/start.sh


    nohup scrapy crawl first &
    nohup scrapy crawl 2nd &
    wait $!
    nohup scrapy crawl 3rd &
    nohup scrapy crawl 4th &

cd /home/ubuntu/folder1/folder2/
export PATH

python init.py &
wait $!
python final.py

my issue is if i run start.sh my myself on command line it outputs in nohup.out file

but when it executes this bash file through cronjob (although scripts are running fine) its not producing nohup.out

how can i get output of this cronjob in nohup.out ?

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    how/where are you creating this nohup.out file? remember that cron jobs' default working directory is the homedirectory of the user ID they're being run under. if you're using relative paths for this file, you'll be relative to the account's home directory, not your own shell current directory – Marc B Jan 3 '13 at 18:54
  • @MarcB i am noob on linux .. each line is appending output in nohup e.g nohup scrapy crawl 3rd & i added this in crontab 40 10 * * * /home/ubuntu/folder1/folder2/start.sh – akhter wahab Jan 3 '13 at 18:57
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    FYI: the construct python init.py & wait $! (spread over two lines) is pointless; drop the & and remove the wait. It isn't a factor in your problem; it also works as written. But it is pointless. – Jonathan Leffler Jan 3 '13 at 19:22

Why are you using nohup? nohup is a command that tells the running terminal to ignore the hangup signal. cron, however, has no hangup signal, because it is not linked to a terminal session.

In this case, instead of:

nohup scrapy crawl first &

You probably want:

scrapy crawl first > first.txt &

The last example also works in a terminal, but when you close the terminal, the hangup signal (hup) is sent, which ends the program.

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