I am creating a small utility which will help to rebuild install.php of WordPress.

What I want to achieve is, when user will install WordPress with this customized install.php, he'll get some plugins already activated.

I tried to put these lines at the end of install.php file


that activates Hello Dolly plugin but shows error 'invalid datatype for second argument on line 310' for plugin.php

Also, if I try plugins which are inside a folder, for example


its not getting activated. [i've tried different combinations for sending arguments, echoing arguments in plugin.php etc. but activate_plugin() does receive correct argument. ]

Consider that plugins are already copied in wp-content/plugins directory.

Whats wrong? Is there any different way to achieve this?



Instead of including plugin.php file, include the wp-load.php file


wpload.php will automatically include all the file in the correct order, which should solve your issue.


Atlast I came up with a new activate_plugin function that I added to that file. Problem in old function is the check for active plugins. At first since there is no active plugin, it was returning null value, showing the error. I removed that for my use.

why we dont see errors when using from wordpress dashboard ? wordpress hides them.

Thanks anyway..

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