I am using Hamcrest Matcher to compare two JSON objects. The compare method uses Gson parser.

The matcher works great but when the two JSON are not same, i am only able to show message like:

Expected: <[{"data":"data1","application":{"id":"1"}}]>
     but: <[{"data":"data1","application":{"id":"2"}}]>

which is not very helpful, i would like to show which elements do not match, something like what junit's assertEquals:

expected:<...a1","application":{"[filtered":false,"id":"1"]...> but was:<...a1","application":{"[id":"2"...>

Is there a way to achieve that?


protected void describeMismatchSafely(JsonElement item, 
                                      Description mismatchDescription) {
    assertEquals(item.toString(), originalJson.toString());

But this would give me:

but  was:<...a1","application":{"[id":"1","filtered":false],...>

Notice that the only difference is in "id:1" and "id:2" but junit shows me different ordering in JSON as part of the error as well.


The best i could do so far:

protected void describeMismatchSafely(JsonElement expectedJson, 
                                      Description mismatchDescription) {


  try {
     assertEquals(expectedJson.toString(), originalJson.toString());
  catch (ComparisonFailure e) {
     String message = e.getMessage();
     message = message.replace("expected:", "");
     message = message.replace("but was:", "");
     message = message.replaceFirst(">", ">\n");

This gives me

Expected: <[{"data":"data1","application":{"id":"1"}}]>
     but: <[{"data":"data1","application":{"id":"2"}}]>

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