When passing "-curses" option to qemu, qemu displays the emulation window as default. So, how can I switch to the monitor console from the emulation window? If using graphical interface, switching between emulation window and monitor console can be achieved by "ctrl+alt+(1 or 2)". I am just not sure how to do this in the non-graphical case.


Just use Esc instead of Ctrl-Alt. So to switch to the monitor console use Esc+2. To switch back to the terminal output use Esc+1.


The keys for switching to the qemu monitor in non-graphical (-nographic) mode are:

ctrl+a c

I just tested that it works in -curses mode too, at least in the version I am using (1.4.0)

There are several more, see the qemu documentation for reference.


Doesn't appear to be possible. However, you can access the monitor console via Telnet.

Start QEMU:

qemu-system-i386 -curses -monitor telnet:,server,nowait

Then, to access the monitor console, type this in another terminal:

telnet 1234

alt + 2

Just drop the 'ctrl' and all of the key sequences work as expected.


None of the above worked for me. I have Ubuntu 16.04, I don't think this matters.

Ctrl + Alt + 2 worked for me.

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