I am using html2canvas to create a 'screenshot' of a HTML page that contains SVG. Everything looks good, except the element. I know that it should be possible to render SVG in Canvas; PhantomJS, fabric.js and CanVG do it.

Is this something that html2canvas does not support? Or am I doing something wrong, and this should just work?

If this has not been implemented, what is the best way to extend html2canvas (using canvg)?

  • I found my answer (or, Google did): here.
    – rakensi
    Jan 4 '13 at 21:44

Capturing SVG images works by transforming them into canvas, using canvg. Include both javascript files as indicated on that page. Then the easiest way to do this is:

<body onload="canvg()">

See the parameterless call example. When all SVG images have been converted, html2canvas works flawlessly.

Of course, all SVG images will be converted to canvases, but I did not see a difference.

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