I'm trying to insert "/" as separators before all menu items except the first. I managed to insert the separators but cannot figure out how to remove the first one only. Here's the css:

.nav li a:before {content:' / ';}
.nav li a:first-child:before {content:'';}

This would make sense to me, but the second line of code removes all separators and not the first. I also tried the following:

.nav li:before {content:' / ';}
.nav li:first-child:before {content:'';}

Now the first separator was removed, but all of the separators were above and between the menu links. Im using the bones starter theme. Please help a noob out.

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Try this:

.nav li a:before {content:' / ';}
.nav li:first-child a:before {content:'';}

The <a/> is always the first-child of the <li /> so you need to get the first <li/>


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