I'm starting to learn Qt. I'm moving from the Visual Studio world and I am looking for a way to organize my project's structure using QMake. I've found the 'subdirs' template but I have quite a hard time understanding it.

My project structure looks like this:

      some logic files
      gui files

My project.pro looks like this

TEMPLATE = subdirs
SUBDIRS = logic \
SOURCES += main.cpp

In the .pro files for the subdirectories I have appropriate SOURCES, HEADERS and RESOURCES variables set.

Please tell me what TARGET, TEMPLATE and other necessary values I should set in the .pro files.

Also, is there some good QMake tutorial other than the official one?


In addition to Troubadour's comment, I would note that the SUBDIRS target is only good for specifying subdirectories. Therefore, your extra line of

SOURCES += main.cpp

in your project.pro file is incorrect, and will likely fail to build your main.cpp file, at worst. At best, qmake will refuse to parse the file, since it has conflicting specifications in it.

I've used the SUBDIRS template a few times, and it does well if you can build parts into more-or-less independent libraries, apparently like you have with the logic and the gui separate. Here is one way to do this:

----some logic files
----gui files


TEMPLATE = subdirs
SUBDIRS = logic \

# build must be last:
CONFIG += ordered
SUBDIRS += build


#Includes common configuration for all subdirectory .pro files.


# The following keeps the generated files at least somewhat separate 
# from the source files.
UI_DIR = uics
MOC_DIR = mocs


# Check if the config file exists
! include( ../common.pri ) {
    error( "Couldn't find the common.pri file!" )

HEADERS += logic.h
SOURCES += logic.cpp

# By default, TARGET is the same as the directory, so it will make 
# liblogic.a (in linux).  Uncomment to override.
# TARGET = target


! include( ../common.pri ) {
    error( "Couldn't find the common.pri file!" )

FORMS += gui.ui
HEADERS += gui.h
SOURCES += gui.cpp

# By default, TARGET is the same as the directory, so it will make 
# libgui.a (in linux).  Uncomment to override.
# TARGET = target



SOURCES += main.cpp

LIBS += -L../logic -L../gui -llogic -lgui

# Will build the final executable in the main project directory.
TARGET = ../project
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  • Good point about the SOURCES directive in project.pro. I missed that completely. – Troubadour Sep 13 '09 at 14:39
  • Thanks for this comprehensive answer. It is a good point to start my learning. – zarzych Sep 13 '09 at 15:18
  • It's my impression that "ordered" is global. It doesn't seem to make the first two libraries concurrently. – Walter Nissen Jan 21 '10 at 23:36
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    Thank you for making my morning a happy morning. – Corey D Aug 12 '11 at 15:27
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    Following up from my previous query: As suggested you cant also do a app build from the subdirs project file, but you don't actually need to put the qmake for your main executable in a subdir - "build/". You can add the "build.pro" to the end of the SUBDIRS list - i.e. have two .pros in the top level. – spinkus Jun 27 '14 at 23:08

You use subdirs if the logic and gui folders actually repesent some sort of target, eg. a library, that can be built independently of anything else. If that's the case then just use

TARGET = logic
CONFIG += dll

in logic.pro.

If they are not independent targets but are just folders that exist to organise the sources files then you can just use a .pri file in each instead and include them within the .pro using


Just remember that the file paths in the .pri files are relative to the .pro file and not the .pri. BTW, the use of a .pri file is optional as you can still list the files in those folders directly in the .pro file. The .pri file just makes it that bit neater and helps keep the .pro file shorter.

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    From what I've learned, the .pri file method causes Qt Creator to display subfolder for each .pri file and its contents. – zarzych Sep 13 '09 at 15:30
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    @zarzych: That's true but it also annoyingly doesn't respect where the .pri file is in the file system and just displays them as a flat list at the .pro level. Particularly annoying if you have several with the same name. – Troubadour Sep 15 '09 at 20:34

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