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Good evening!

I'm pretty new to Linux and Apache and I have a problem with relative paths. I developed my website locally on a Mac, using relative paths and everything worked fine. My files are in a folder with following subfolders:

  • sites
  • css
  • images

Now I'm trying to set up my website on a Linux server running Debian. Almost everything worked out perfectly and I can reach my index.html through the internet. But obviously, relative paths are not working, since I placed my images, my css-file and my other sites in above subfolders, which I try to access with relative paths, but actually they are not working. When I try to access another site (about.html) which is in the sites-folder, I just get this error:

404 Not Found The requested URL /sites/about.html was not found on this server.

For example, from my index.html, I'm trying to access my css-file with this path:


I've also implemented external paths, these are working correctly. I'd really appreciate any help or clues. Thank you very much!

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i think the mistake is in the path:

If index.html is in folder where folders "sites, css, etc" are stored, you have to use


instead of

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