I have set my CSS level to 3, yet transitions are not being detected by phpStorm.


is a viable property that you can give an element. You can even check it here: Transitions W3C

Also, I am using Level 3 of CSS3. So why does it give an error? enter image description here CSS3 Shown

Is there any way to solve this?


W3C CSS Validator Inspection in PhpStorm is exactly the same as what you get here (the official W3C CSS Validator website), just a local version -- nothing more.

If aforementioned official online tool produces errors/warnings on your code then there is nothing you can do about it except disabling this extra inspection (yes, this is additional inspection to PhpStorm's own inspections).

If it's opposite (online tool produces no errors or warnings) then submit a bug report to the Issue Tracker and in one of the next releases PhpStorm will have more up-to-date version of this tool.

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In Webstorm 8 you can check "Ignore vendor specific CSS properties" under Project Settings -> Inspections -> CSS -> Unknown CSS Property and W3C CSS Validator in the same category. Custom properties (like transition) can be defined (comma-delimited) in Unknown CSS Property entry. This is probably applies for PhpStorm as well.

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Alternatively, you can add the unknown CSS property to custom properties, as shown in the following screenshot (this is the result after you run "Inspection Code..." action):

Add transform to custom properties

This is a way to train your PhpStorm/WebStorm with the missing CSS properties that you use. I also export my WebStorm/PhpStorm settings so once I fixed these missing CSS properties, i will not have to do it again.

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  • I was hoping this would help as it seemed promising, but with my -webkit-box-shadow attributes, I only get the Problem synopsis. The Problem resolution part of your screenshot is missing. PHPStorm 7.1.3. – Jimbo May 28 '14 at 9:00

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