I am developing a firefox extension, i need to detect which operating system firefox is running on but i can't seem to find and info on how to do it?


    // Returns "WINNT" on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and NT systems;  
    // "Linux" on GNU/Linux; and "Darwin" on Mac OS X.  
    var osString = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/xre/app-info;1"]  

For completeness, getting os string for the new addon-sdk:

const {Cc, Ci} = require("chrome");
const osString = Cc['@mozilla.org/xre/app-info;1'].getService(Ci.nsIXULRuntime).OS;

Firefox is moving to web-extension API where you can use:

chrome.runtime.getPlatformInfo(info => console.log(info.os))

Possible os values are: mac, win, android, cros, linux, openbsd

Documentation for getPlatformInfo is here.

Warning: this doesn't work from content-script, you will have to call your background-script.

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