How to get Sql like this :

select * from foo where LOWER(foo_name) = 'test'; 

what i get is if Sql\Expression in right, not in left.


You can user code snippet like that.

$where = new Where();
$sql = new Sql($adapter);
$select = $sql->select();
$where->addPredicate(new Predicate\Expression('LOWER(foo_name) = ?', 'test' ));

However I dont think Sql\Expression on right side is possible on Zend Framework 2.

  • You saved my day. Thanks :) It is really hard to find any documentation about that! – John Skoumbourdis May 3 '16 at 11:07

You can do it like this:

$sql = new SQL($adaptor);
$select = $sql->select()->from(array('f'=>'foo'));
$select = $select->where('foo_name' => new \Zend\Db\Sql\Expression("LOWER('test')"));

Above query would return as:

SELECT `f`.* FROM `foo` AS `f` WHERE `foo_name` = LOWER('test');

For others out looking for similar, there are actually quite a few different ways to achieve this as of ZF 2.2

Chaining (same as the accepted answer)

$sql = new Sql($adapter);
$select = $sql->select();
$select->from( array( 'f' => 'foo' ) )
->addPredicate( new Predicate\Expression( 'LOWER(f.foo_name) = ?', 'test' ) );

//SELECT `f`.* FROM `foo` AS `f` WHERE LOWER(f.foo_name) = :where1
//:where1 = 'test'

Note the absence of the execution command "()" of Select::$where allowing you to continue the method chaining. Select::$where has a __get Magic method catch which returns the protected Select::$_where property within the Select object which is an instance of Sql\Where.

Predicate\Literal 1

$select->where( "LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'" );

//SELECT `f`.* FROM `foo` AS `f` WHERE LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'

Predicate\Literal 2

$select->where( array( "LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'" ) );

//SELECT `f`.* FROM `foo` AS `f` WHERE LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'

The two above automatically create a Predicate\Literal object for you if the indexed value (column identifier) of the array or argument supplied to the Select::where method is a string.

Predicate\Expression (manual)

$select->where( new Predicate\Expression( "LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'" ) );

//SELECT `f`.* FROM `foo` AS `f` WHERE LOWER(f.foo_name) = 'test'

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