I am working on a sample project where I want to capture video from a webcam and upload it directly to the blob without saving the video locally.

It should work in a such a way that it should not store the video locally. Is there any way to keep uploading the video source streaming that is being captured to Blob storage in parallel?


Technically this should be possible. Blob Storage allows you to upload your file in chunks and once you're done you can commit these chunks in a specific order:

With these methods you can for example create a buffer in memory which stores the video and call PutBlock each time the buffer reaches a certain size. Then, once the recording is done you can call PutBlockList to commit all blocks. As a result, your blob will contain the complete recording without saving it to local disk first.

  • Thanks for the answer sir. One more question, how can we achieve video recording in to chunks from silverlight application that captures videos from video source? – Rahul Patil Jan 7 '13 at 12:53

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