I use ajax remoteCommand component with Primefaces and this component updates inputHidden field with boolean value.

I call JS function on the onsuccess event of remoteCommand but it seems that my function is called before DOM update because when I test inputHidden value, this is not the right value but if I set interval to test 3s after, I have the right value...

Code :

<p:remoteCommand process="..." onsuccess="hideOrShowNotification();" />

First JS test :

function hideOrShowNotification(){

Second JS test :

function hideOrShowNotification(){
  setInterval(function(){alert($('#tabView\\:register_form\\:hiddenNotification').val());}, 3000);  

In first case I receive false value and in second case I receive true value. The expected value is true.

So my DOM is not fully loaded when my JS function is called.

How can I call JS function after full loading of DOM ? I believed onsuccess event would do that but no apparently.


Ok...it's the oncomplete event. I tested it before but perhaps I have forgotten to clear browser cache to reload new JS file.

EDIT : link to primefaces tag documentation

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