I want to make a batch file which applies permissions to a given user folder using icacls. This is the batch file i made :

@echo off

set /p username=Enter username:

echo Select permissions :

echo N  - no access
echo F  - full access
echo M  - modify access
echo RX - read and exe
echo R  - read-only acc
echo W  - write-only ac
echo D  - delete access


set /p perm=Enter permissions:

if %perm%==F

icacls "C:\Users\%username%" /grant:r "%username%:(OI)(CI)F"

When i run this file and enter permissions as F, it displays this error : The syntax of the command is incorrect. but if i run the same command directly in cmd it works perfectly. So, how do i correct the command in batch file so that it runs without any issues?

  • Here's one reminder: N (no access) never works in icacls command arguments. N is for display only and is a shorthand of (DENY)(F). There's no other use than that. – Explorer09 Aug 13 '17 at 15:59

It looks like the syntax of your if command is causing the problems. You are checking if the permission chosen is F but then not doing anything with it.

Try either putting it on one line

if %perm%==F icacls "C:\Users\%username%" /grant:r "%username%:(OI)(CI)F"

or in brackets

if %perm%==F (
icacls "C:\Users\%username%" /grant:r "%username%:(OI)(CI)F"
  • May be not suitable place for comment but can you give me working example of icacls command not to access folder for everyone – Vipul Hadiya Apr 24 '16 at 16:57

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