I want to view Qt reference documentation inside QtAssistant, but the installation of Qt5 did not come with .qch documentation files for Qt libraries.

I have tried to find them on the http://qt-project.org but could not find them anywhere. How do I get the Qt5 documentation files ?

I am using Ubuntu 12.10, I have installed the new qt-library sdk from the qt-project website.

  • Telling what OS you have might be relevant. As a solution, you could get source package and build the docs from that... – hyde Jan 8 '13 at 13:45
  • I also faced same problem, then I installed qt5 libraries(5.0.1) and now it works – Deepak Mar 4 '13 at 6:34

Open Assistant (5.0.1/gcc/bin/assistant) and then go to Edit -> Preferences menu.

There's a Documentation tab. If the list is empty, add the .qch files found in the 5.0.1/gcc/doc/ directory.

This is how it looks. This is Ubuntu 12.10 as well. Qt 5.0.1 installed with the qt-linux-opensource-5.0.1-x86-offline.run package (388Mb).


Yes, the official Ubuntu-documentation for Qt5 is very incomplete. You don't have information about nearly any class.

If you want to use the QtCreator/QtAssistant build from Ubuntu you have to acquire the docs yourself. I did and uploaded these on my personal Mega-account. Here are the docs. I installed the Qt framework with the installer from qt-project.org, grabbed the documentation and inserted it into the software-center-version.

I don't use QtAssistant as a stand-alone program but integrated in QtCreator. To add the docs to QtCreator go to Tools>Options>Help>Documentation and click add. Then select all .qch files, click apply and enjoy. Maybe try the way as mentioned above.


After all, you can just download the necessary *.deb file from the store of the Ubuntu packages, and install it on your system. As they wrote here, this package will install the *.qch files in /usr/share/qt5/doc. The pitfall is that you will have to remember that you have done that, since your Ubuntu will not take any records for you.

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