I have an array of this type :

cat1 A B C 12
cat1 E F G 10
cat2 C F G 4
cat2 H F S 12
cat3 F G M -12

I don't know how many categries I have for input.

I want to have in the output one file by category, sorted with the last column

cat1 E F G 10
cat1 A B C 12

for the first file

cat2 C F G 4
cat2 H F S 12

for the second file, etc ....

I triied this :

i put every line in a $list {{cat1 A B C 12} {cat1 E F G 10} .....}

After, I sort it :

set list [lsort -index 4 -real $list]

foreach element $list {
            regexp {.*} [lindex [split $element " "] 0] start
            set table_cat($start) "$element"

After, i write the files :

    foreach element [array names table_cat] {
            set thefile [open "cat_$element.txt" "w"]
            puts $thefile "$table_cat($element)"

But I have only 1 line in the result line !

Why ?


I'm not sure what the regexp is about, since you could have written simply,

set start [lindex [split $element " "] 0]

but maybe there's more to it and you simplified your example.

In any case, the reason you're only seeing one result per file is that you're overwriting table_cat($start) each time. What you probably mean to do is more like

lappend table_cat($start) "$element"

(By the way, lappend will create a list if it doesn't exist—so no need to "initialize".)

And then, you want to iterate like this:

foreach cat [array names table_cat] {
    foreach line $table_cat($cat) {
        // write $line to the file for $cat

I have to say though, your naming is a bit weird. I would have written it like this, but to each his/her own:

foreach line $lines {
    set category [lindex [split $line " "] 0]
    lappend lines_by_category($category) $line

foreach category [array names lines_by_category] {
    set file [open "cat_$category.txt" "w"]
    foreach line $lines_by_category($category) {
        puts $file $line

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