I'm writing an iPhone/iPad program where I can capture an image, draw something on the image(e.g a line), and send it to a PC (e.g WinXP) in real time. To send the image data to a PC, I'm considering bluetooth and wifi but here's what I found:

  1. Bluetooth - IMPOSSIBLE, no API
  2. Wifi TCP/IP - (i) Bonjour NSStream(XCode) and GCDAsyncSocket(C++) (ii) Bonjour NSStream(XCode) and Bonjour Windows (C++)
  3. Wifi UDP - Bonjour NSStream(XCode) and MFC's CAsyncSocket(C++)

Is the above correct?


IMHO: Use a TCP server on your PC and a TCP client app (FastSocket https://github.com/dreese/fast-socket) and over the WiFi (either LAN or WLAN), you should be able to send the image over the network. Also, please see this tutorial http://www.raywenderlich.com/3932/how-to-create-a-socket-based-iphone-app-and-server

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