I'm working on Windows 8 Store Application ( with WinJS - html5,js,jquery ) and I'm trying to use that;


This back function working and it returns one page back. But I want to return the page's position where I was there...

I mean; First page:


   ^ I scrolled to right and clicked item on C position

At the new page: I clicked back button ( which calls "WinJs.Navigation.back()" )

And currently, Navigator moved me to the head of the page which is position "A".

So this is the problem. I want to return "C" point.

I don't want to use custom-tagging style, like ; >here<

I think there should be default function to do that, like ; > here <


You need to store that scroll position somewhere - probably in the navigation stack - and restore it when you get the navigated event from the navigation service that says your page has been (re)presented.


If you are using a ListView object, use the indexOfFirstVisible method as it "scrolls so that the item with the specified index is the first visible item" - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh700691.aspx

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