I thought i could use


to get the value of each DOM-Element in a Ajax-Function. But that doesn't work. Only Post-Elements i can get this way, right? But how do i get other Elements?

Thanks for your help...

This is my Ajax-Class:

class Name_Component_Ajax_Folder_Ajax extends Phpfox_Ajax
public function test(){

    $iChildItemId = $this->get('element_id');
    $this->html('#testdiv', $this->getContent());

By clicking a link i call this function ( test() ) and i want to get the value of an input-field (elemnt_id)

  • Not enough info. Please show your javascript. – Popnoodles Jan 9 '13 at 14:12
  • Ok take a look at my edit.. – maker23 Jan 9 '13 at 14:17

Basically, you have 2 common solutions to pass a value in an AJAX request that Web browse (Firefox, Chrome, ...) sends to server.

If you are using POST request, you should specific your expected value as a hidden input <input type='hidden' id='val1' value='value_you_want_to_pass_to_sever'>.

If you are using GET request, you can pass it by using URL param for ex: www.youserver.com?val1=value_you_want_to_pass.

You can get value you want to pass by using JQuery.

Then you can use $this->get('val1') to get your value at server side.

  • Thanks for your reply. At this time i do it by GET-Request but i like to get it via POST. Your second idea ($this->get('val1')) i've tested to (look at my post) but this doesn't work. The variable is every time "null". – maker23 Jan 14 '13 at 7:42

This should work to set an element:

$this->call('$(\'#js_photo_category_' . $aCategory['parent_id'] . '\').attr(\'selected\', true);');

The same can be used to get a value

$elementVal = $this->call('$(\'#js_photo_category_' . $aCategory['parent_id'] . '\').val();');

The best way is to use javascript in client side to get the id's using a foreach, save them in an array/json and send them in the request, then do something when done:

$.ajaxCall('module.function_name', 'arrayData='+myArray).done(function(data) {

Hope this helps

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