When i use the following rule declaration:

RewriteRule ^foo foo.php

when I visit localhost/foo it sucessfully displayes foo.php , but when I visit localhost/foofake or localhost/fooanythingelse, it still displays foo.php. How to prevent this and display a 404 error page instead?

PS: I am aware of this question But what I am trying to do here is different.


You need to tell the server to only redirect an URL that doesn't have any text following the "foo", by adding an "end string" sign ($).

RewriteRule ^foo$ foo.php

To make it also work for a trailing slash, add another line:

RewriteRule ^foo/$ foo.php
  • that works, but a trailing slash (foo/) leads to an error. is there any workaround for this? – Peeyush Kushwaha Jan 9 '13 at 15:28

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