I am working on a HTML Editor using an iframe, I want users to be able to resize images once added. so when the user clicks on an image inside the iframe have a listener running. But all it gives me is the body tag rather than the element clicked. I have tried this many ways but none seem to work.

My code for this area is:

//site display is the iframe

//iframeBody is theid of bodyinside iframe

siteDisplay.document.getElementById('iframeBody').addEventListener("click", testForClicks, false); 

function testForClicks(){



 //both give me bodytag


I need to get the element clicked or the element highlighted

Any help would be great, Thanks


If you need the highlighted (or active) element you can use the Selection/Range (link) API

var selection = window.getSelection();
var range = selection.getRangeAt(0);
var firstNode = range.startContainer;
// etc.

Iframes are like separate windows opened inside your window. So,

iframe = document.getElementById('YourIframeId');

This will work. Also if you want to access the iframe window, go for:


Hope this helps.

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