Does anyone know how to issue additional claims from StarterSTS by Dominic (Codeplex). I currently am getting only Login Time Instance and the Authentication Type which is password. Is there some config file i can edit or Code i need to insert to provide additional claims to the user ?


I'm not sure if you can in StarterSTS, but if you note on the project it says:-

IMPORTANT StarterSTS has been discontinued. The sources will stay up here for educational purposes. Please use my new project IdentityServer (http://identityserver.codeplex.com) from now on.

IdentityServer does support additional claims. You add the claims using the user profile - it's very easy to do so I would recommend you upgrade to this if possible.

I can't see the source for starterSTS so I'm not sure if it supports this feature. You can find Identity Server V2 here


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