I'm having a heck of a time trying to get code in my content script to talk to my panel. (This extension adds a new panel to the Dev Tools.) From my content script I can do this:

chrome.extension.sendMessage({greeting: "hello"}, function(response) {

and I can pick it up in a background script no problem.

 function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
 if (request.greeting == "hello") sendResponse({farewell: JSON.stringify(sender)});

But I need my message to be picked up in my devtools JS. That way I can speak to the panel I've added to dev tools. How can I do that?

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To Establish connection between Devtools Page and multiple content script pages, Background Page is used as a mediator. So, idea is to have a channel from devtools to background and from background to content scripts. This is a generic method needed to handle variable nature of content scripts execution time.

You can use following script as a reference for communication between devtools.js to content scripts.


Registered background,devtools and content scripts to manifest file

    "name": "Inspected Windows Demo",
    "description": "This demonstrates Inspected window API",
    "devtools_page": "devtools.html",
    "manifest_version": 2,
    "version": "2",
    "permissions": [
    "background": {
        "scripts": [
    "content_scripts": [
            "matches": [
            "js": [


Registered devtools.js to comply with CSP


        <script src="devtools.js"></script>




//Created a port with background page for continous message communication
var port = chrome.extension.connect({
    name: "Sample Communication" //Given a Name
//Posting message to background page
port.postMessage("Request Tab Data");
//Hanlde response when recieved from background page
port.onMessage.addListener(function (msg) {
    console.log("Tab Data recieved is  " + msg);


//Handler request from background page
chrome.extension.onMessage.addListener(function (message, sender) {
    console.log("In content Script Message Recieved is " + message);
    //Send needed information to background page
    chrome.extension.sendMessage("My URL is" + window.location.origin);


//Handle request from devtools   
chrome.extension.onConnect.addListener(function (port) {
    port.onMessage.addListener(function (message) {
        //Request a tab for sending needed information
            "status": "complete",
            "currentWindow": true,
            "url": "http://www.google.co.in/"
        }, function (tabs) {

            for (tab in tabs) {
                //Sending Message to content scripts
                chrome.tabs.sendMessage(tabs[tab].id, message);

    //Posting back to Devtools
    chrome.extension.onMessage.addListener(function (message, sender) {


You can see http://www.google.co.in/ being received in devtools page


You can refer the following documentation for further information.

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