I have this task to populate this field:

x_fp_timestamp is the timestamp created when the form is generated. It is equal to the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

So what I do in C# is

 long ts =  DateTime.Now.Ticks / TimeSpan.TicksPerSecond;

But in that case I am getting this error:

  • x_fp_timestamp : x_fp_timestamp invalid. Not within 15 minutes of present time: Thu Jan 10 21:30:25 GMT 2013. Expected 1357853425 plus/minus 900, but received 63493442997.

So my question is how to generate current timestamp in seconds?


DateTime.Now.Ticks does not start at 1970; try something like this instead:

 (DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime() - new DateTime (1970, 1, 1)).TotalSeconds

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