As I SET cust_fax in a table in MySQL like this:

cust_fax integer(10) NOT NULL,

and then I insert value like this:

INSERT INTO database values ('3172978990');

but then it say

`error 1264` out of value for column

And I want to know where the error is? My set? Or other?

Any answer will be appreciated!


The value 3172978990 is greater than 2147483647 – the maximum value for INT – hence the error. MySQL integer types and their ranges are listed here.

Also note that the (10) in INT(10) does not define the "size" of an integer. It specifies the display width of the column. This information is advisory only.

To fix the error, change your datatype to VARCHAR. Phone and Fax numbers should be stored as strings. See this discussion.

  • For me, the error was caused by AUTO_INCREMENT somewhy becoming a huge number in a table with a small row count. So I needed ALTER TABLE table_name AUTO_INCREMENT=103; (if there are 102 rows at the moment). – totymedli Mar 16 at 7:56
  • @totymedli this could make a useful answer for someone experiencing same symptoms but different problem. – Salman A Mar 16 at 18:26
  • Thx. Turned it into an answer. – totymedli Mar 17 at 0:38

You can also change the data type to bigInt and it will solve your problem, it's not a good practice to keep integers as strings unless needed. :)

  • If the application is storing a phone number, then using strings is certainly preferred. However, thank you for the ALTER statement. It fixed my problem (plain integer overflow where I was storing file sizes using INTEGER). – Curt Aug 14 '17 at 18:52
  • This worked for me ALTER TABLE tbl_name MODIFY tbl_column BIGINT(50) UNSIGNED NOT NULL – Adam Winnipass Jun 6 at 10:43

You are exceeding the length of int datatype. You can use UNSIGNED attribute to support that value.

SIGNED INT can support till 2147483647 and with UNSIGNED INT allows double than this. After this you still want to save data than use CHAR or VARCHAR with length 10



Make sure your AUTO_INCREMENT is not out of range. In that case, set a new value for it with:

ALTER TABLE table_name AUTO_INCREMENT=100 -- Change 100 to the desired number


AUTO_INCREMENT can contain a number that is bigger than the maximum value allowed by the datatype. This can happen if you filled up a table that you emptied afterward but the AUTO_INCREMENT stayed the same, but there might be different reasons as well. In this case a new entry's id would be out of range.


If this is the cause of your problem, you can fix it by setting AUTO_INCREMENT to one bigger than the latest row's id. So if your latest row's id is 100 then:


If you would like to check AUTO_INCREMENT's current value, use this command:

AND   TABLE_NAME   = 'TableName';

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