I have written custom DAO to Add/Update/Delete specific records for my Binaries in my persistence type of storage extension in Tridion 2011.

Below is sample code where I am trying to use my custom DAO class/interface (PublishActionDAO and PublishAction) in my custom binary DAO (JPABinaryDAOExtension).

public class JPABinaryDAOExtension extends JPABinaryContentDAO implements BinaryContentDAO 

    public JPABinaryDAOExtension(String storageId, EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory, String storageName) 
        super(storageId, entityManagerFactory, storageName);

    public JPABinaryDAOExtension(String storageId, EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory, EntityManager entityManager, String storageName) 
        super(storageId, entityManagerFactory, entityManager, storageName);

    public void create(final BinaryContent binaryContent, final String relativePath) throws StorageException 
        super.create(binaryContent, relativePath);  
        String url = relativePath;
        String tcmURI = Integer.toString(binaryContent.getBinaryId());
        PublishActionDAO publishActionDAO = (PublishActionDAO) StorageManagerFactory.getDefaultDAO("PublishAction");
        PublishAction publishAction = new PublishAction();

Above is sample code for Add when a new binary is created and same goes for Update and Delete, I am going to store Action as Add, binary publish URL, its TCMURI. I can get these data easily in above code. Now the problem which I am facing is that I just need to store records for PDFs types of Binaries only and for other type of binaries like (JPG/Word etc.) no record entry.

Edit: Is below solution will work for me or making object for binaries it will slow down the performance.

ItemDAO item = (ItemDAO) StorageManagerFactory.getDAO(binaryContent.getPublicationId(),StorageTypeMapping.BINARY_META);
BinaryMeta binarymeta = (BinaryMeta) item.findBinaryByPrimaryKey(binaryContent.getPublicationId(),binaryContent.getBinaryId());
  • OK. Now we're getting somewhere (I'll delete my previous comments as they are obsolete). – Frank van Puffelen Jan 11 '13 at 20:07
  • Do you have a performance problem? It is unlikely you'll find any faster way to look up a binary than using findBinaryByPrimaryKey, even more so if you use object caching (as you should). – Frank van Puffelen Jan 11 '13 at 20:09
  • @thanks frank, I was just curious about performance when my solution goes on production where actual publishing goes on, is above solution implemented above is best or what more changes I can do to get the Binaries data and one more this do we have any API references for the Tridion storage extension classes – Manoj Singh Jan 11 '13 at 20:13

Strictly checking for the type can be done by verifying the extension of the relativePath in your create method:

    if (!relativePath.toLowerCase().endsWith(".pdf")) { return; }

However, there is a better way of handling this -- in your cd_storage_conf.xml, map the Binary type using a specific extension. Then the CD storage framework will only call your DAO if the extension matches:

    <Item typeMapping="Binary" itemExtension=".pdf" storageId="myStorage"/>
  • @Mihai...thanks I will try same tomorrow and update the answer accordingly. – Manoj Singh Jan 12 '13 at 7:52

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