I want to use a tab space in my string. I am providing the code of using new line. But I don't know how to use a tab space in a string. Can anyone help me on this !?

"Warning ! Sorry Cash Pay is less than this  <br/> month\'s installment. Please pay the  <br/> right amount."

&#09; is TAB character in ASCII. But according to html spec all white space characters will be stripped to a single character. There are other white space characters too. Like &thinsp;, &emsp; and &ensp; You can try them too.


It seems &emsp; gives a spacing of tab size. See the following

  • a&emsp;b rendered as a b
  • a&ensp;b rendered as a b
  • a&thinsp;b rendered as a b
  • a&nbsp;b rendered as a b
  • a&#09;b rendered as a b
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If you put your string in an HTML <pre> element then it can have a tab character. String "Warning! \t error" set to be put into the innerHTML of <pre id="output"></pre> will result in
:Warning! error.

See also:

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