After succesfully installing postgresql 9.2.2 from source (on OpenSUSE 11.4, which does not have this version in the repositories), I am trying to restore a database that makes use of the pg_trgm extension. This results in errors because pg_trgm is not found.

From this StackOverflow question: Similarity function in Postgres with pg_trgm, I gather that pg_trgm should be in /usr/share/postgresql//contrib, but there is no contrib folder anywhere in my /usr tree.

Also, I cannot seem to find a clear explanation of how the postgres extension mechanism works, or how to manually install an extension.

There is a contrib folder in the postgresql source tree, but I am not sure how to use this. Should I manually copy this somewhere to /usr tree? Can anyone point me to (or give) an explanation of how to install an extension like pg_trgm in postgresql?


Assuming you have configured postgresql with ./configure, it has used the default prefix /usr/local/pgsql, so that everything gets installed below that directory.

The answer you link to relates to Debian, which uses a different layout that conforms to the Debian policy, but in your case /usr/share... is irrelevant. Anyway it's not really necessary to know that in order to install stuff from contrib, since there is no need to copy anything manually.

To install the pg_trgm extension from source, there are two steps:

1) build and install it from your postgresql source tree:

$ cd /path/to/src/postgresql-9.2.2/contrib/pg_trgm
$ make
$ sudo make install # or su -c 'make install' if you don't use sudo

2) activate it with psql in your database:

$ sudo -u postgres psql -d database -c "create extension pg_trgm;"

To have it activated by default on any database created in the future, apply this command to the template1 database.


I've use Postgresql in the Centos 7 and the package with the pg_trgm allowed to install:

$yum install postgresql-contrib

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