I see Tizen has the Smart Development Bridge (sdb, similar to adb for Android), but it doesn't have an 'install' command as the Android Debug Bridge has on Android.

Can someone give me the steps to deploy/execute a Tizen application on the Tizen emulator?

I want to be able to do this outside of the Tizen development environment (these steps are required by QA).

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For web applications (widgets:

sdb push app.wgt /tmp/Application.wgt
sdb shell wrt-installer -i /tmp/Application.wgt

For widgets using Command Line Interface tools web-install::

web-install -w Application.wgt -i application_uri_id.org

or using webtizen:

webtizen install -w Application.wgt -i application_uri_id.org

For native packages:

sdb push your.tpk /opt/apps/PKGS/Application.tpk
sdb shell pkgcmd -q -i -t tpk -p /opt/apps/PKGS/Application.tpk

For native using Command Line Interface tools native-install:

native-install -p your.tpk

using sdb:

sdb install /home/user/your.tpk 
  • use C:\tizen-sdk\tools\ide\bin\native-install.bat -p myapp.tpk Commented Mar 5, 2013 at 16:38
  • @TolikOdukha Yes the above where tested for Ubuntu, but under Windows all the above work only if there is C:\tizen-sdk\tools\ide\bin is set in path environment variable Commented Mar 5, 2013 at 16:51
sdb push app.wgt /sdcard/app.wgt
sdb shell wrt-installer -i /sdcard/app.wgt

You can see all the commands that eclipse uses to deploy applications in Preferences > Tizen SDK > Web > Launch

  • My app is a .tpk file, not a widget, is there an equivalent command for installing a .tpk file? Commented Jan 15, 2013 at 17:27
  • .tpk is for native app .wgt is for a Web App ! Commented Jan 24, 2013 at 19:55

With Tizen SDK 2.3.1 & above. We can install/uninstall widgets/Apps with

sdb install Application.wgt

sdb uninstall Application.wgt

sdb is like android adb shell utility. If its not available on the system path. Go to the directory where it is installed/available and run it along with the path to you widget.

sdb push your.tpk /opt/apps/PKGS/your.tpk
sdb shell pkgcmd -q -i -t tpk -p /opt/apps/PKGS/your.tpk

This is how eclipse do it. Hope it'll help


since 2.0a there is CLI for this. I will describe how to use 2.0 released in 2012: C:\tizen-sdk\tools\ide\bin\ there are CLI tools. You need web-install and web-run 1. intall app web-install.bat -w tizenapp.wgt 2 Run installed application: web-run -i XXXXXX where XXX is aplication id(find it in your config.xml)

For native applications (tpk) same tools available native-install and native-run see more in documentation on this tools https://developer.tizen.org/help/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.tizen.native.appprogramming%2Fhtml%2Fide_sdk_tools%2Fcommand_line_interface.htm

  1. sdb push app.wgt /tmp/Application.wgt
  2. sdb shell wrt-installer -i /tmp/Application.wgt

Second command is not working for me, wrt-installer is not recognised by sdb

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