Problem is short. I have created a p:datatable but within the p:column i actually have a div element. Unfortunately the datatable should have selectable rows and the div just won't cooperate ;). So the solution is to call it manually, on the div element there is onclick listener, but how should I call the rowSelection of the datatable? Is there some list of the functions of Primefaces' elements?

the code:

<p:dataTable var="user" value="#{rec.friends}" rowKey="#{user.id}" widgetVar="friendscrollist"
        rendered="#{not empty rec.friends}" scrollable="true" rowIndexVar="findex"
        scrollHeight="500" scrollWidth="220" selectionMode="single" selection="#{rec.chosenFriend}" styleClass="friendscroll">
                <p:column width="198" id="friend#{findex}">
    <div class="friendlist" onclick="friendscrollist.clickRow(#{findex})" />
                <p:ajax update=":leftform" event="rowSelect" />
                <p:ajax update=":leftform" event="rowUnselect" />

Of course it is a simplified version, only things u need. So the question is what to call in the div onclick?


the <p:dataTable widgetVar> has unselectAllRows() and selectRow(index) functions which are exactly what you need.

<div onclick="friendscrollist.unselectAllRows(); friendscrollist.selectRow(#{findex})">

There's unfortunately no documentation available for those functions, but in Chrome/Firebug you can see a list of all available functions in autocomplete list when you enter friendscrollist. in JS console. Below is a screen from Chrome:

enter image description here

Looking in the JS source code or common sense based on the function name should tell/hint you what those functions do.

Update: I stand corrected, a few of those functions are actually documented in PrimeFaces 3.4 User's Guide. They're in the "Client Side API" section of chapter 3.26 "DataTable", on page 146.

  • Thank you again! :) You're impossible! – Atais Jan 13 '13 at 1:23
  • this is not working with a datatable with pagination enabled. – Jalal Sordo Apr 7 '14 at 9:20

The accepted solution will work for a single selection table, but won't work for multiple selection. Another way to solve this problem that should work for both is to use the following instead of <div>

<h:panelGroup layout="block">

That will render a <div> inside your column, and will not interfere with the onclick event processing.


For pagination, you can control rows per page issue by this way:

friendscrollist.selectRow(#{rowIndex} - friendscrollist.paginator.getCurrentPage() * friendscrollist.paginator.cfg.rows);
  • Note also that you need to have rowKey set on the dataTable, and you can deselect all using .unselectAllRows(). – Andrew May 16 '17 at 19:15

I want to add another information for everybody who faces a similar issue with right click or context menu. You cannot capture right click event if you are using <p:graphicimage>. Somehow, oncontextmenu event of <img> tag is removed in primefaces.

If you want to select the row by right clicking an image content inside a row, you should use tag and oncontextmenu event.

<img src="..." oncontextmenu="dataTable.unselectAllRows();dataTable.selectRow(#{rowIndex});"/> 

If pagination is enabled you can do something like this:

onmouseup="friendscrollist.unselectAllRows();friendscrollist.selectRow(#{rowIndex} - friendscrollist.paginator.getCurrentPage() * 15);"

When 15 is the number of rows in your Table.

I didn't found a way to get the number of rows programatically...


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