In fact, I just want to write a script to toggle preview window. But it seems can't archived from any internal setting of vim.

So, as title. I want to write a script to do it. Any one knows how to check preview window is opened(or existed)?


Check variable previewwindow or pvw(please refer to the link). A sample code would be:

fun! previewWindowOpened
    for nr in range(1, winnr('$'))
        if getwinvar(nr, "&pvw") == 1
            " found a preview
            return 1
    return 0
  • How can you know &pvw of 'getwinvar(nr,"&pvw")' ?
    – naive231
    Mar 27 '13 at 5:58

You can add %w to your statusline config to get it to say [Preview] for the relevant window.

sample status line setting (in vimrc)

set statusline=%.50F%m%r\ %y\%w\ buffer\ %n\ %l\|%c\ [%p%%] 

see :h statusline for more info

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