I want to write a software, when monitor connect with D-sub connector, this software will pop-up, and ask user to mirror monitor or extend monitor.

but i doesn't find any event emit when d-sub connect. on Windows vista, if you connect a monitor, vista can pop-up a software to same thing.

does anybody know how to detect d-sub connect event and handle it in linux?

thanks lots!

Under the traditional architecture of the graphics systems in Linux (some direct rendering management in the kernel but everything else driven by a userspace X11 server), the kernel is unable to detect new monitors (because it has given up control of the hardware) and X is unable to detect new monitors (because a userspace program cannot handle hardware interrupts). You can trigger X to search for changes in adapter configuration with xrandr --auto.

There is a redesign of the graphics stack underway, search for "kernel modesetting". Under the new scheme, properly written drivers will emit a uevent for a hotplugged adapter. Running udevmonitor --env should show a hotplug event under /sys/class/drm/card[n].

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