I'd like to track when a certain web-page is (or is not) in the foreground.

I've already experimented with the Page Visibility API, and I can use it to find out if my page is the currently active tab of its window. But I also need to know when my page's window is not in the foreground (despite being the active one of that window).

Is this something I can detect using javascript?

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I use focus and blur events for this, you can do it cross-browser on $(window) with JQuery. Your needs don't appear to require the Page Visibility API, since you only care about if the tab (and window) has actual focus.

  • On my first try it seemed that focus and blur events were not reliable, but the "note" on this answer made it more clear for me what the "pattern" was. I've settled with that solution, which is close to what you were suggesting. I'm using a workaround to the initial focus issue, that involves calling a function (the same function that the focus event handler calls) when the document is ready. – Filipe Correia Jan 15 '13 at 16:53
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    I'm accepting your answer as it is the closest to what I ended up using, but those looking for a solution should probably check this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/6184276/684253 – Filipe Correia Jan 15 '13 at 16:56

You can use hasFocus event, when it is in foreground (active or not) send to ajax call to server. Here is more info.

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