When someone sends an email message, it can view on openerp inbox but the outgoing email sends again thru the configuration email address I set up.. why is it so?

I'm using Openerp v7.0.. I used the Outgoing Mail Server in the Settings > Technical > Email > Outgoing Mail Servers.

When someone sends an email and openerp retrieved it, it sends again and again an email but by using the email address I configure.

email message


Your question is not quite clear[1], but this sounds like the default and correct behavior. When an OpenERP user receives an external email message, they will by default receive a copy of the email at their own email address (configured in their user preferences).

Let's say someone replies to a CRM Lead assigned to me (by sending an email to info@mycompany.com, which is imported via the fetchmail module into my OpenERP server): I want to receive a copy of this message in my real inbox at myname@mycompany.com).

In OpenERP 7.0 this behavior can be controlled in the "Email Preferences" of the user profiles: you can choose to receive email notification about new comments and new external emails, or about new external emails only, or no notification whatsoever.

[1]: The following information would help: the version of OpenERP you're using, how the emails are being fed to OpenERP (fetchmail module, mail gateway script, something else...), what email addresses are being fed to OpenERP, what email is configured on the user profiles, etc.

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