My CSS markup:

.rowbgi {

My HTML markup:

    <div class="span4 rowbgi">
      <img class="img-circle" data-src="holder.js/140x140">
      <p>Stack Overflow</p>
      <p><a class="btn" href="#">View details </a></p>
    </div><!-- /.span4 -->

I am not able to see the background image, but the color is seen in the background. The image is available in the path.

Can somebody tell me some silly mistake I am doing?

  • what does your web inspector indicate? – Scott Simpson Jan 15 '13 at 14:08

Nobody knows what you are doing, because you did not show it (eg. with jsfiddle ;P), but my first guess is that you have following file structure:

  • HTML file in root directory: /index.html,
  • CSS file in css directory: /css/style.css,
  • images in /img/gradient.png.

Now, mind that all the files linked from HTML/CSS have paths relative to them. So, if you keep CSS in /css, then the path in CSS img/xxx links to /css/img/xxx. If I am guessing correctly and this is your case change the style to:



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I also tried using the image path format, but the image wasn't showing up at all.

But when I uploaded the image to my server, and I'm assuming this would work with any image hosting platform, like Imgur, and used the full path, it worked.

So, instead of using:

background-image: url('img/gradient.png');


background-image: url('https://example.com/img/gradient.png');

Hopefully, this helps someone!

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To use CSS to load the image, you will have to save the image file inside your CSS folder (if using an external style sheet). If you use the url image.jpg for example, CSS is looking for that file inside the CSS folder. Your CSS markup is telling CSS that there is a sub-folder called img inside your CSS folder, which probably isn't the case.

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