i have encountered a problem maximum page size allowed in iTextsharp, so when i try to generate a document with size superior to 14 400 , i get an message error the.page.size.must.be.smaller.than.14400.by.14400.its.1.by.2, i tried to play with userunits like described here , but i have not found a solution.

i generate the PDF by merging file in one page using AddTemplate(), i think to scale the pdf dimensions by 1/4 for eg, and set userunits to 4, but i think that i should scale the imported pages too , any help in this way because i don't know how to scale imported pages, i not sure if this the right solution.

 PdfImportedPage imp1 = wr.GetImportedPage(r1, 1); 

Any help please or any suggestion

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    You say i not sure if this the right solution --- have you tested it meanwhile? is the result according to your requirements? If not, what's the issue there? Your question in its current state makes it difficult to help you. – mkl Jan 16 '13 at 8:29
  • i cannot test it because i don't know how to scale imported page, can you help me to scale it? – geogeek Jan 16 '13 at 9:18

As you make clear in your comment that your problem in testing your solution (DirectContent.AddTemplate applied to a PdfImportedPage) actually is that you don't know how to scale imported page, here a pointer to an example that shows how to do right that.

Have a look at the sample NUpTool.cs translated from the matching Java sample NUpTool from chapter 6 of iText in Action — 2nd Edition. The variable factor here describes the scaling factor.

  • Great you have saved me :D, thanks a lot – geogeek Jan 16 '13 at 10:28

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