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How do you debug classic ASP?

  • I've added a New Website in VS2012 and pointed it at a virtual directory I created in IIS.
  • In IIS, I enabled server side debugging
  • The port for this website in IIS is 5555
  • In VS for the project properties, I have the start URL as localhost:5555, which runs my site
  • No debuggers are enabled in the project properties (there isn't one for Classic ASP)
  • I set a breakpoint in a file which is included at the bottom of default.asp
  • I run with site without debugging (Ctrl-F5)
  • Then I attach to the process (IE10)
  • Then I refresh the home page (default.asp)
  • The breakpoint is not hit
  • How can I get the debugger to stop at my breakpoint so I can debug this page?

This is pre-existing code. I'm just trying to get it working. No code critique is necessary, unless it's a bug that fixes the problem!

I set the breakpoint near the top of the first code block in this javascript method, but it's never hit.

function declareLogos() {
    <%   ' get logos

    SQL = "SELECT l.LogoFileName, p.SortOrder FROM InrixCustomerLogo l join InrixCustomerLogoPage p on l.LogoCode = p.LogoCode WHERE p.PageFileName = '" & fn & "' AND SortOrder > 0 ORDER BY SortOrder"
    On Error Resume Next
    Set oLOGO = oConn.Execute(SQL)
    logoerror = Err.Number
    On Error Goto 0
    x = 1  ' array counter


    <% If NOT logoerror Then %>
    <% Do While NOT oLOGO.EOF %>
    i[<% =x %>] = '<% =oLOGO("LogoFileName") %>';
    <% oLOGO.MoveNext : x = x + 1 : Loop %>
    <% End If %>

    imax = <% =x-1 %>;
    ilast = <% =(((x-1)*4)/4) %>;  // <% =(((x-1)*4)/4) %>   this is imax - 1 that is divisible by four
  • Those instructions don't help any. I've already done the few simple things he outlined in that article.
    – birdus
    Jan 15, 2013 at 20:27

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That looks like server side asp building a client side javascript function? if thats the case attatching your debugger to explorer.exe is useless (unless you want to debug the resulting JavaScript function - in which case F12 IE dev tools would be easier), you need to attach the debugger to Inetinfo.exe (the iis process running your server side asp) or Mtx.exe / w3wp.exe (depending on your configuration & iis version).

For more information please see the following msdn article:


And a similar article on VS2008 (should be a similar principle to 2012):


  • The first link is not available any more and here is the message "This topic is no longer available"
    – Ehsan
    Oct 16, 2017 at 13:17

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