I have many folder names with spaces in it, ie "red dog" --> "c:\red dog\"

files = dir
str = ['cd ', files(3).name]

The execution returns the error do to the space:

>> eval(str)
Error using cd
Too many input arguments.

What is the work around?... thx

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    Can you avoid using eval for this? – Ben Voigt Jan 15 '13 at 22:29

Do you have a reason for using eval? Try just


Try using cd(files(3).name) instead of cd files(3).name (this is, call the cd function using brackets).

If for some reason you want to use cd as a command and not as a function (cd myPath instead of cd(myPath)), you have to enclose the string in single quotation marks. This way your example would look like this:

str = ['cd ''', files(3).name '''']

If you have RTW installed, you can use

cd( rtw_alt_pathname( files(3).name ) )

rtw_alt_pathname returns the path in 8.3 format


Not sure about matlab, but have you tried placing quotes around your file name?

files = dir
str = ['cd ''', files(3).name, '''']
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    FWIW, this would work if you used escaped single quotes str = ['cd ''' files(3).name, '''']. (Still not a good idea to use eval though.) – Pursuit Jan 15 '13 at 23:37

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