In Rebol 2, it is possible to get the full path of a file by using get-modes, e.g.

>> get-modes %foo.r 'full-path
== %/home/hostilefork/foo.r

The function get-modes is not in Rebol 3. How do you get the equivalent behavior?

Note that `full-path doesn't even seem to be mentioned as a known parameter in the Rebol 2 documentation.


The new function clean-path does that specific thing:

>> clean-path %foo.r
== %/home/hostilefork/foo.r

As for the rest of the functionality offered by get-modes, the port model in Rebol 3 seems to be still in flux (or at least has little documentation, besides a wiki page of examples). In describing the motivations behind changes to Rebol 3, Carl Sassenrath cited Rebol 2 ports as flawed:

I believe that some of the main design principles of REBOL ports were flawed. Second-order features (such as port field auto-inheritance or even the port-as-a-series concept) were placed above first-order features (like easy I/O access methods) and too many variations of external devices were squeezed into a single port definition, resulting in a large bloated port object.

So if any other get-modes functionality is needed, it will probably require some hunting and experimentation for the moment.


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