Recently I was investigating this question: Storing long values in DataGridView C#. After some tests I found out that the DataGridViewCell will not display any text with a length larger than 43679 characters, even if the value is actually stored in the cell and you can access it programmatically.

Actually, this has also been reported as a bug for SQL Server Management Studio: SSMS - Can not paste more than 43679 characters from a column in Grid Mode.

I guess that the limit is intended to prevent any overload on the UI rendering. But my questions are:

  1. Why this exact value is being used?
  2. Is there any documentation for this limit?

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If convert 43679 to hex then it's 0xAAA0. Or in inverse form 0xAAA0 = 0xFFFF - 0x555F.

0x555F is code of Chinese Unicode symbol 'open; begin'. May be it is a Chinese message or some kind of Chinese magic)

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