How to create file and save file in Android Sdcard Using phonegap ?

// create a file writer object
function CreateFileWriter()
    // request the file system object
window.requestFileSystem( LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 0, OnFileSystemSuccess,fail);

function OnFileSystemSuccess( pFileSystemObj )
    console.log( pFileSystemObj.name );
    console.log( pFileSystemObj.root.name );

    pFileSystemObj.root.getFile( "file_name.txt", {create: true, exclusive: false}, OnFileGetSuccess, fail);

function OnFileGetSuccess( pFileEntryObj )
pFileEntryObj.createWriter( function(pWriterObj){ 
    gWriterObj  = pWriterObj; 
    }, fail );

function fail(evt)

Here create file writer method provides a handle to the file system. In the success function, we get the file called, 'file_name.txt', if exists it opens up otherwise creates it.

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    this does not save file in SD card. It saves file in phone memory. How to save file in sd card? – Ashok Shah Dec 13 '15 at 18:16

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