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I already have a web application in written in Python 2 that runs over WSGI (specifically, OpenERP web server).

I would like to write a new web application that would run on the same server (Apache 2 on Ubuntu), but using WSGI and Python 3. The two applications would be on different ports.

Is that possible?

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Its quite possible. This is what virtualenv as all about. Set up the second app in a virtualenv , with python3 .

You an add it in a virtualhost configuration in apache.

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Many thanks, that's great to know. However, although I can see I can have links to different .wsgi scripts in this way, I'm still a little confused about how mod_wsgi is added to Apache. If I've understood correctly (and I may not have done!), then mod_wsgi itself needs to be compiled for either python 2 or python 3. Is that correct? And if so, does that mean I somehow need to have 2 versions of mod_wsgi installed? Can I do that using virtualenv too? – Adam Jacobs Jan 18 '13 at 9:28

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