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I have a dynatree implementation, using cakephp 1.3. Now I want to add the persist feature for lazy loading. While doing this I am getting empty tree if I enable key in initAjax:data call, for example data: {key: "", sleep: 3, mode: "baseFolders" } If I remove the key from this call, I only get the parent node of the tree, and to get the rest of the nodes I have to visit of the tree by toggling the nodes.

I have done following steps to implement this functionality

  1. Add jquery.cookie
  2. Enable persist: true
  3. in initAjax enable addExpandedKeyList: true
  4. using datatype : jsonp

the code is as follows

Server Side

function get_org()

$this->autoRender = false;
$data = array();
$root_id = 0;
$count =0;
    $root_id = $this->params['url']['key'];
    $root_id = 0;
$acc_id = $this->activeUser['User']['acc_id'];
$conditions1=  array('Organisation.acc_id' => $acc_id, 'parent_id' => $root_id,'status'=>$status);
$parent_nodes = $this->Organisation->find('all', array('conditions' => $conditions1));
foreach($parent_nodes AS $node)
$org_id = $node['Organisation']['org_id'];
$data[$count]['title'] = $unit;
$data[$count]['key'] = $org_id; 
$conditions =array('acc_id' => $acc_id, 'parent_id' => $org_id,'status'=>'A');
$child_nodes = $this->Organisation->find('count', array('conditions' => $conditions));
    $data[$count]['isLazy'] = false;
$data[$count]['isLazy'] = true;
echo $_GET['callback'] . '('.json_encode($data).')';


Client Side PHP File Code

<div id="logic"> </div>

Client Side JavaScript Code

title: "Lazy loading sample",
rootVisible: true,
persist: true,
onPostInit: function(isReloading, isError) {
    logMsg("onPostInit(%o, %o) - %o", isReloading, isError, this);
fx: { height: "toggle", duration: 200 },
initAjax: {url: "/b/organisations/get_org",
    dataType: "jsonp", 
    data: {key: "",
    mode: "baseFolders"
addExpandedKeyList: true 
onLazyRead: function(dtnode){
    {url: "/b/organisations/get_org", 
    dataType: "jsonp", 
    data: {key: dtnode.data.key,
    mode: "branch"
onActivate: function(dtnode) {
    $("#echoActive").text(dtnode.data.tooltip + ", key=" + dtnode.data.key);

Kindly Help me out to enable this feature thanks

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with this code in firebug, in cookies i am getting dynatree-active _2 and dynatree-expand ,9,249,40583,226 –  qaiser Jan 17 '13 at 9:56
in the response i am geting jQuery17106329987099673027_1359420854504([]), i think there should he something in []. –  qaiser Jan 29 '13 at 0:56
please gurus help me, i know there must be someone how can handle this problem, please please guide me thanks –  qaiser Jan 29 '13 at 0:58

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