I have basic forms authentication set up and it works just fine locally against IIS express. When I deploy, the sitemap security trimming stops working (menu items are showing that shouldn't be there). If I try and go to one of the nodes that shouldn't be there with a user that does not contain the role required, they get kicked back to the the login screen. Because of that that, I know authentication is working properly.

Another developer I work with has it working just fine locally on his machine as well. The deployed web server is where it no longer works.

I don't believe there is a problem with any of the markup sine it works locally, so I'll withhold from posting the code. Every single example on the web matches up with what I have. The code also resides on a network on with no outside access.

No other posts have been found where someone ran into this issue.

Thanks in advance


After lots of experimenting, we think we narrowed it down. We are forced to use cookie-less session state on this system and that seems to be the problem. Our development machines have a major difference in that they have .net 4.5 installed on them. The production server as well as a few other developers only have .net 4.0 installed. If we allow a cookie, it works just fine. It seems that the paths are not being handled properly on the 4.0 machines in cookie-less session state which breaks the security trimming. Some more testing is needed to verify this. Unfortunately updating the production machine is not an option.

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