I have an application that converts images, and would like to test it against some of the various PDF specs. Does anyone know of a location with some sample PDF documents that implement different spec levels that I can use to test? I would like to convert to a different format (e.g. tiff) and test for an accurate representation of the viewable PDF.

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    What have you tried? Have you tried google? if so, what have you found that you did not want? Stackoverflow is not an alternative to doing your own research. – Colin D Jan 22 '13 at 20:38

I found these resources:

  1. Stillhq.com PDF Database/Mikail's PDF database A large number of real world PDFs, some of which are broken. Free.
  2. QualityLogic’s PDF 1.7 Application Test Suite (ATS). Commercial.
  3. Adobe PDF test suites (Web Archive link, no PDFs available).
  4. Ghent Working Group Test Suites A number of easy to judge patches that show support (or lack thereof) of essential PDF features. Oriented towards graphic arts and support for PDF features that are part of PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-4. Free to use for workflow / RIP / hardware validation.
  5. PDF cabinet of horrors. Free archive of bad pdf files

Also of interest:

  1. Altona Test Suite Commercial test suite aimed at printing houses
  2. Isartor Test Suite Free test suite for PDF/A-1 compliance
  3. Bavaria Test suitde Free test suite for PDF/A-1 compliance

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