Is it possible to register an application to be launched when a specific URL is requested in the browser, email or bbm?

For example I would like when the user clicks on a link flycraft://replay/123 my app to be launched and passed the URI.

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This is not possible at the moment.

There are 2 parts to this:

  1. Registration of the URI scheme with the browser. e.g. flycraft:// so that the browser knows to treat these links as invocable.
  2. Registering your app to handle the flycraft:// invocation so that your apps loads.

Unfortunately the first part is not possible at present. There are plans but nothing concrete at this stage.


The way to do this on BlackBerry 10 is by adding the code below in your bar descriptor file:

<invoke-target id="eu.nlogn.flycraftplaybook.replayview">
        <property value="flycraft://" var="uris" />

then you should listen for the NAVIGATOR_INVOKE_TARGET event and handle it like this:

const navigator_invoke_invocation_t *invoke = navigator_invoke_event_get_invocation(event);

if (invoke) {
    // retrieve invocation action
    const char *action = navigator_invoke_invocation_get_action(invoke); 
const char *uri = navigator_invoke_invocation_get_uri(invoke);  

if (action && uri) {
        // handle the uri you got
} else {
    fprintf(stderr, "Error retrieving invocation: %s\n", navigator_event_get_err(event));                               

Unfortunately there is no way to do this on the Playbook.


Yes! You can do this using the BB10 invocation framework. A fair amount of detail is provided at appurl.org. In short:

  1. Add an invocation target in your bar-descriptor.xml file, if you don't already have one.
  2. Add an target filter to your target, with actions "bb.action.VIEW" and "bb.action.OPEN", and the tag <property var="uris" value="flycraft:"> </property>
  3. Add an invokeManager object to your app's main, and connect its invoked signal to some slot of your code that can handle that request.

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